Fraley outstanding MTSU alumnus

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Fraley Honored

Former State Representative George Fraley (at right) was recently honored as an Outstanding Alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University. He was presented with a bronze plaque, “Service To The Community Award”, during MTSU commencement ceremonies. At left is his wife, Betty Fraley.

Former State Representative George Fraley was honored recently as an Outstanding Alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University.

In addition to serving as state representative for the 39th district, he has served as Franklin County commissioner and county executive.

Fraley was presented with a beautiful bronze plaque, “Service To The Community Award” Saturday, May 5, during commencement ceremonies. He was nominated for this award by his college friend, Dena Sullivan, in recognition of his dedicated service.

Fraley is credited for helping bring Nissan to Decherd, as well as providing safer roads with proper turning lanes for area schools, hospital and major subdivisions and upgraded state routes. He is responsible for Winchester’s beautifully renovated square, the grant for which was written by Yvonne Stewart.

Other notable accomplishments include: the water tanks and fire halls in Cowan; the airport and fire hydrants in rural areas; free pre-K classes in elementary schools; and establishment of the Solid Waste Authority.

“Mr. Fraley has always made taking care of the home front his primary goal,” reads the commencement program. “It was Fraley, lifetime farmer, former educator, Korean War veteran and Arnold Engineering Development Center engineer, who during his term as Franklin County Executive, steered Nissan Corp [along with other community leaders] to build an engine plant in Decherd.

“Other political achievements included securing funding for a new library and a nursing center at Motlow College.”

John Hood, former state representative and current MTSU official, said, “No one was more diligent in working for his constituents on individual issues, as well as matters of general concern for the good of all Tennessee.”

Fraley has served as president of the Franklin County MTSU Alumni Association and credits much of his success to his MTSU education.

Fraley noted that much has changed about MTSU since 1955.

“When I started in school, we had to hitchhike from Franklin County and Winchester; there were only three cars on campus with Franklin County tags. Then, when the quarter ended, everybody had to hitchhike back.”

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